Tri-Global MobileStakerTM


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Current Version:


Full Release Date:

July 2014

supported os:

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher

Microsoft Windows Embedded Hand Held 6.5

tested gnss/gps devices:

AllStar X1, X2, X3

Trimble1 GeoExplorer (GeoXM, GeoXT, GeoXH) 2005, 2008/3000, 5, 6000,7X series, Juno S, Juno3, Juno5, Nomad, Pathfinder ProXRT, ProXT, ProXH, Pro6T and Pro6H.


1Requires a license of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Toolkit (Sold Separately)

First released in 2005, MobileStaker has led the way in utility field design applications. Developed specifically for Partner Software Field Designer and Milsoft Field Engineering users, MobileStaker allows technicians to carry predefined pole assemblies into the field with a high accuracy GPS/GNSS receiver to perform staking operations. Upon completion of staking activities, users can seamlessly pull the collected data back into the either the Partner or Milsoft platforms for further engineering analysis.


Operations that require underground utility locate support can upgrade to UtiliMapper, adding the ability to track and record underground builds to their MobileStaker work flows.



Pole inventory

Damage assessment

Joint use inspections

Ability to take predefined assemblies to field for quicker data collection

Inspection forms designed for damage assessment activities

Inspection forms designed for joint use field inventory activities

sensor support

One-to-many features

span calculations

Integrated Camera

External Laser Rangefinders

Ability to link multiple features to a single collected  spatial location

Span Length and Deflection

Optimum Span Length

barcode inventory support

custom form support

feature navigation

3rd party hardware support for barcode inventories directly inside of MobileStaker using 3rd party external barcode scanners

Tri-Global can build custom inspection forms to support an array of field collection needs

Navigation to buried or missing stake locations




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