Tri-Global UtiliDroidTM

Current Version:


Release Date:

Private Release Only - 2013

supported os Devices:


tested locate hardware:

3M Dynatel Series Receivers

Tested gnss hardware:

Locational Based Services Only



UtiliDroid was released in 2013 under a private development contract to support 3M Dynatel integration with 3rd party android devices. Tri-Global did not pursue commercialization of the developed application as high accuracy GNSS/GPS receivers did not support communications with Android OS at the time. Tri-Global is known for only supporting high accuracy solutions and did not feel it best to release a product that was not capable of obtaining repeatable measurements.


Now that high accuracy GNSS/GPS receivers that support Android OS exist today, we would be excited to develop a utility mapping solution that is customized to your exact needs. We bring years of development and understanding of field collection routines and high accuracy mapping standards to all projects we take on.

Download links:


One button locator support

Multi Line Workflows

2-Way Cloud Synchronization

Bluetooth "One Button" data recording for supported utility locate instruments

Ability to create and edit multiple utility lines during collection operations

Two way communications of related job data between field and office operations

Feature navigation

One-to-many features

Auto SPAn generation

General Point-to-Point navigation and Turn-by-Turn navigation supported

Ability to link multiple features to a single collected  spatial location

Line work automatically generated from collected locations, creating smart nodes along the route




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