Tri-Global UtiliMapperTM


Download links:

Current Version:


Release Date:

April 2016

supported os:

Windows Mobile 6.0 and higher

tested locate hardware:

3M Dynatel Complete Series of Pipe/Cable and EMS locators

Ditch Witch UtiliGuard, Radiodetection RD4000**, PCM**, RD8000, RD8100, PCM+,

Subsite UtiliGuard,

SEBA KMT Vivax-Metrotech vLocPro, vLocPro2, vLocML2, vLocDM2

tested gnss/gps devices:

AllStar X1, X2, X3,

Trimble* GeoExplorer (GeoXM, GeoXT, GeoXH) 2005, 2008/3000, 5, 6000,7X series, Juno S, Juno3, Juno5, Nomad, Pathfinder ProXRT, ProXT, ProXH, Pro6T and Pro6H.


*Requires a license of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Toolkit (Sold Separately)

**Some features not fully available

Originally released in 2003, UtiliMapper was the first software available to allow the utility locate technician to focus on safely locating and marking underground utility assets. UtiliMapper enables its users the ability to map its complete locate operations using precision grade GNSS/GPS receivers paired with industry leading electromagnetic utility locate receivers and underground electronic marking system (EMS)/RFID technology.


All information collected is centric to utility line operations. UtiliMapper users have the ability to simply switch between utility line types, collect accurate geographic locational data, and record detailed attribute information including, but not limited to, type of feature, inspection summaries, photographs, and relational spatial data references. Upon completion of field collection activities, user can transfer all collected measurements into Tri-Global DataView for differential correction (for compatiable receivers) and exportation to different GIS, CAD, and generic database formats. Tri-Global can also provide custom export routines for those users who require non-standard formats.

One button locator support

Multi Line Workflows

RFID Marker Support

Bluetooth "One Button" data recording for supported utility locate instruments

Ability to create and edit multiple utility lines during collection operations

Ability to record stored data from 3M Electronic Marker System iD Markers

sensor support

One-to-many features

Auto SPAn generation

Integrated Camera

External Laser Rangefinders

Ability to link multiple features to a single collected  spatial location

Line work automatically generated from collected locations, creating smart nodes along the route

barcode inventory support

custom form support

feature navigation

3rd party hardware support for barcode inventories directly inside of UtiliMapper using 3rd party external barcode scanners

Tri-Global can build custom inspection forms to support an array of field collection needs

General Point-to-Point navigation and Turn-by-Turn navigation supported

background gis data

Distance alerts

calculated depth of cover

Ability to view GIS data layers during collection and inspection routines.

Audible and visual distance alerts notifying user when need locate reading is required

Calculated depth of cover measurements recorded based upon pipe diameters and raw depth values from utility locate sensor




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